Inspired by the crash-community of Covid-19 and the erosion of proximity, I had the idea, in March 2021, to create this site—to bring Michigan poetry together into one place. I hope PEN/INSULA POETRY will be a hub. A headquarters. A hall. A pub. A space. A virtual place for fans of Michigan poetry to see where poetry is happening all across the mitten. And a place for poets to connect and convene.

Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all the poetry happenings across the mitten state! And be sure to send me messages through the CONTACT link--if you know of something you want to share. 

Yours, in poetry, in Michigan—and everywhere—

Robert Fanning

Director, PEN/INSULA Poetry

Facilitator & Host, The Wellspring Literary Series

Poet & Professor of English/Creative Writing, Central Michigan University

Mount Pleasant, MI